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SP-MTA, SMTP Servers And API

SP-MTA, SMTP Servers And API

Steel up your Email Marketing with our SP-MTA, SMTP Servers or API.

Simple Email Marketing Solution

Simple Email Marketing Solution

Our innovative Email Platform gives you all the tools to design flawless Emails quickly and engange with your subscribers.

Bulk Email Sending Safely

Bulk Email Sending Safely

Steelmailer gives you a fast, simple and reliable mass email platform, with great tools to optimize your Email Marketing performance.

Your Own Dedicated SteelPower MTA Server

Your Own Dedicated PowerMTA Server

Improve your deliverability and take control of your sender reputation with your own dedicated SteelPower MTA server.

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I would gladly pay 500 dollars for another of Steelmailer's SteelPower MTA Servers. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for the great service. Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results of our dedicated PowerMTA.

Sim P.
Founder of

This is simply unbelievable! Steelmailer has got everything I need. After using Steelmailer my business skyrocketed! I STRONGLY recommend Steelmailer to everyone interested in running a successful online business!

Rachel H.
CEO of

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Per Month

1.500.000 Emails Per Month
50.000 Contacts
Connect Multiple Major SMTPS
20 Different Custom Tags
10 Lists (Databases)
Responsive Email Builder
Open/Click Tracking With Own Domains
Geo Tracking And Stats
And Much More!

Billed Monthly/Annually
Dedicated SteelPower MTA server pack
One Time Payment

Unlimited Everything
Responsive Email Builder
17 Rotating IPs
VPS With Root Access On Own Domain
SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and Open/Tracking Setup
Geo Stats + Much More!
Billed Monthly/Annually afterwards
Per Month

7.500.000 Emails Per Month
250.000 Contacts
Connect Multiple Major SMTPS
Unlimited Custom Tags
Unlimited Lists (Databases)
Responsive Email Builder
Open/Click Tracking With Own Domains
Geo Tracking And Stats
+ Much More!

Billed Monthly/Annually
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we buy your dedicated SteelPower MTA server?

Buying your own dedicated SteelPower MTA server gets you the strongest and most advanced E-Mail delivery server on the market (Normal price is 4999USD/year per SteelPower MTA Server). When using a Dedicated SteelPower MTA server, you are guaranteed the highest performance and best deliverability for your Email campaigns for both small and large volume sending.

Are there any sending limits on the SteelPower MTA?

No. Since it is your SteelPower MTA server you get the full featured, unlimited version with unlimited sending. No hidden fees. However, we recommend you to follow our warmup guide to ensure the highest deliverability.

What is included in the Dedicated SteelPower MTA server package?

With every dedicated SteelPower MTA server, you buy you receive a complete setup of your SteelPower MTA connected to Steelmailers platform. Including VPS with root access, 17 IPs rotation, Domain massage authentication setup(SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) for your Domain and IP Warmup guide. So basically when buying a dedicated SteelPower MTA server, you are instantly ready to send E-Mails to your subscribers.

Can I buy more than one Dedicated SteelPower MTA Server or customize it?

You can buy all the dedicated SteelPower MTA Servers you need for your business. In case you want any customization regarding your SteelPower MTA, please contact us with the details. It is possible to add a custom amount of IPs to your SteelPower MTA server if wanted.

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